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Atheism is the opiate of the masses

Marx had it all wrong. If God exists as defined by mainline monotheistic faiths, then there also exists a hereafter, and ultimately there is judgment for all of our wrong...

25%     75%

Atheists are more intelligent than believers

Noted atheist Richard Dawkins stated recently that atheists, as a whole, typically have higher I.Q.s and are more likely...

50%     50%

Better Educated More Likely to Go to Church

Isn''t religion just for the weak and feeble-minded? Not according to this article, which states that the more educated...

36%     64%

Can evolution be proven?

evolution, just like creation, is in fact a faith system - in other words, it takes just as much faith, to believe in the Darwinist theory of evolution as it does to take...

33%     67%

Creationism & Intelligent Design Are Absurd Ideas

Believers in Creationism and Intelligent Design are completely wrong. There is no logical explanation to these ideas. ...

17%     83%

Did Jesus exist?

There is not one shred physical evidence to support a historical Jesus. All claims about Jesus derive from writings of other people and there occurs not a single contempo...

60%     40%

God can't exist at the big bang

"One can't prove that God doesn't exist," professor Stephen Hawking told ABC News. "But science makes God unnecessary. "The laws of physics can explain t...

0%     0%