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Can kindness be contagious?

Can you impact a persons day, week, life, situation in a positive way (any person, from a complete stranger to someone known to you) whether it's the in the smallest of w...

100%     0%

Culture of ducking responsibility damaging society

It's common place for people not to take their own actions into account or the consequences of their actions. The world'...

83%     17%

Government through Apathy perverted into Tryanny

“Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms (of government) those entrusted with power have, in time, and by ...

100%     0%

Is Facebook a "bad thing"?

With the creation of Facebook privacy has been destroyed. Over 200 million people are on the social networking site, most of them revealing very private details of their ...

100%     0%

Muslim Poppy Burners

Many Muslims living in the West feel besieged by the anti-social antics of unrepresentative groups of their people, who set out to offend their host country. Because the...

100%     0%

Paternal Responsibily Should Have a Time Limit.

Women should be restricted from having a man DNA-tested and responsible for financial support as the father of her child...

33%     67%

Pull up your pants or pay a fine! Do you agree?

Pull up your pants or pay a fine! Their council voted 8-1 to pass the proposition despite divergent opinions in the comm...

67%     33%