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A Decade of War, A Decade of Waste?

Ten years of fighting in two countries, the tremendous loss of life, the financial woes at home....this overseas campaign of war and destruction was not worth the cost. W...

80%     20%

CIA Torture: It Wasn't Wrong

It's easy now that we are out of the shadows of 9/11 to cast dispersions on the work of our protective services. We can stand back indignantly and say we are appalled at ...

0%     0%

Should Military Retiree Benefits Be Cut?

There is talk about modifying the retirement plan for military retirees. Currently, if a person serves 20 years in the ...

50%     50%

Should Military Women Serve in Combat Roles?

Women serve in the military more than ever before but are they a distraction on the front line or are they an asset?...

60%     40%