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Athletes Rolling in Dough

Do you think there should be a limit when it comes to athletes signing major contracts? These guys are making ridiculous amounts of money...

36%     64%

Is the NFL changing with new rule for dirty hits?

James Harrison of the Steelers and Daunte Robinson of the Falcons are some of the most notable players to be fined for t...

0%     100%

Mayweather vs Ortiz a fair fight?

Mayweather won the welterweight championship September 14th by knocking out Victor Ortiz in the 4th round of the fight. Controversy arose after the fight when Mayweather ...

60%     40%

The Heat ARE no longer the big 3 and may lose

The Heat are not a 3 superstar team at this point in the season. To start, Chris Bosh has been utterly dismantled in the...

0%     0%

Was Plaxico Burress tried fairly?

Plaxico Burress was arrested in 2008 for two fellony counts of criminal possesion of a weapon after accidentally shooting himself in the leg in a New York City night club...

50%     50%

What a freakin idiot!

Stupidest thing in sports. I think he is trying to fit in....

100%     0%

will Roger Federer win another grand slam?

After loss in the Australian Open semifinals, it seems fair to ask whether Roger Federer missed his last and best chanc...

50%     50%
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