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cam newton best rookie quaterback yes or no

Over 400 yards passing 2 straight games...

50%     50%

Dallas Will Win the Superbowl in 2012

In spite of their seasoner opener and Tony Romo continuing to make bad late game decisions, the talent pool on the Cowbo...

20%     80%

Eagles Fans the Worst In All Sports

Philadelphia Eagles fans are the most obnoxious, arrogant, and unintelligent fans in all of sports....

44%     56%

Football Should Be Cancelled this Sunday, Sept 11?

Many people might see this as a distraction and a way to heal, but i see it as a dishonor to the devastation this countr...

25%     75%

Legends & Leaders

The Big Ten selected names for their two divisions and in spite of backlash, i believe they will grow on people over time....

100%     0%

NFL Commissioner Needs to Resign?

The handling of the Ray Rice matter seems like stupidity to me and everybody is jumping on the bandwagon now saying he should be fired. In my opinion, people are saying t...

0%     100%

Oklahoma Sooners will win the NCAA in 2011?

They are ranked number one and may even go undefeated, but the Sooners will be this year's college football champs....

33%     67%

Steelers will Dominate Packers

Green Bay is on a roll, but they don't stand a chance against Pittsburgh....

33%     67%

The Giants Will Beat the Patriots, Again!

The Patriots don't have enough defense to prevent the Giants from scoring and the Giants have too much defense to allow ...

100%     0%

The Penalties on OSU are Unfair?

Are the sanctions placed on OSU football part of a larger NCAA problem or are they simply enforcing the rules?...

80%     20%

The Philadelphia Soul Cheats and Lies

The winner’s of 2013 Arena Football League are not to be trusted. They have become a greedy corporate entity since winni...

75%     25%

Tom Brady is Out of Touch

First he believes he can cheat and get away with it, and now he says he has no idea what the issues are and that politics are 'off his radar'. What a lousy role model for...

0%     0%

Vick Not Worth the Money

Not only is this guy not worth the money but he shouldnt be allowed to play in the NFL. He tortured animals, not just engaged them in dogfights....

100%     0%

We Lost an Icon Today

Joe Paterno's death will be remembered as a terribly sad ending to a tremendoulsy storied career. Amidst the Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal, JoePa was a conflicted figure o...

83%     17%

Will the 49ers will make the playoffs this year?

With San Fran 3-1 and one offside penalty from being 4-0, is it too soon to have hopes for their return to the post-se...

50%     50%
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