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A Doll is Eligible for An Award If She can Act

In 2010 The AVN Awards Nominated a RealDoll as an Actress against human actresses. Many called 'foul'. Is it fair if the...

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Access Your Geatness ~ Excellent Book

Access Your Greatness is most probably the Greatest Book ever written for the entrepreneurial business mind! Check it ou...

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Alicia Silverstone as a Mommy Bird?

Video of Alicia regurgitating food and spitting it into her son's mouth. Are we birds? Video attached, fyi, pretty gross. Do you agree with her "feeding habits". ...

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America's Food Supply is Unsafe

We are largely blind to the number of serious risks in our food, including everything from chemicals that preseve the food to the bacteria that infest it....

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American Student Decline?

This video is based on a hard truth, that the students in this country are lazy, undisciplined, unmotivated, entitled, and lacking in attention spans. We will gradually l...

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Americans Have Lost Their Work Ethic

This debate was fueled by the above editorial from The New York Times. Americans today would rather collect unemploym...

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Amy Winehouse Dead....One Less Drain on Society.

Amy Winehouse turned into a drain on society and at her last concert was booed offstage. Is anyone surprised that she ...

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Anti Obama Marine

"A Marine who criticized President Barack Obama on his Facebook page has committed misconduct and should be dismissed, a military board recommended late Thursday. The...

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Are Sinthetics Dolls Sexy or Creepy?

Sinthetics creates the most realistic, anatomically correct life size size silicone dolls available today, using cutting...

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Are we alone???

So at work the other night, about 2 am. My crew and I saw a ball of light in the sky moving at a good clip. I know it wasnt an airplane. Air planes have red and green lig...

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Ashley Wagner is a Poor Sport

Ashley Wagner says she feels "gypped" for coming in 7th place at Olympic figure skating when others who placed higher than her fell in the ice. She alluded Russi...

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belly button piercing

my 16 year old daughter wants her belly button pierced. personally I see nothing wrong with it, but I don't see any good either...

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Big screen TV

Install a big screen TV in our dinning room for sports events to encourage customers to dine with us during playoffs...

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Bill Cosby?!

I can't believe this is going on with Bill Cosby. Did anyone see this coming??...

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Breastfeeding in Public

I know this is a serious subject. But, I read an article this morning, well a post by a Twitter friend and I had to share. I was, and that word "was" is importa...

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Breastfeeding, how old is too old?

I think once the kid can say "boobies" it is time to stop...actually, in my opinion a year is quite long enough, which is what is recommended. Attached is an SN

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