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Chick- Fil-a Anti Gay?

While the owners are attempting to downplay it, it seems this fast food restaurant is promoting 'traditional heterosexual values'. So are they doing anything wrong?...

67%     33%

Effective 'rites of passage' elude American men

Rites of passage are typically, ardous/disciplined ceremonies surrounding events/ milestones within puberty, coming of a...

75%     25%

Federal student loan program should be cut?

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York said that last year 100 billion dollars in student loans were taken out in a record...

50%     50%

Motherhood and Career: Almost Impossible

I have come to realize that it is next to impossible to be a great mother and a great career woman. Something will alwa...

56%     44%

The Middle Class is getting poorer!

The United States middle class has been suffering since the economic collapse of 2008. While America boasts the worlds richest upper class, we often assume that the middl...

83%     17%

Ufeud Could Change The World

With all of the opinions we as citizens have, there are barely any venues where we can conveniently and cost effectively have our voices heard, on a large scale. Ufeud a...

80%     20%
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