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A Solution to Guns on Campus?

Instead of allowing everybody the right to carry guns on college campuses, maybe we just allow the women this option. Here are my reasons: 1. Have you ever heard of a fem...

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AAVE should be taught in schools

AAVE of African American Vernacular English has been used more centruries and it needs to remain as a spoken language to be able to keep the african american culture aliv...

33%     67%

Colorado School Bans Transgendered 7 Year Old

(CNN) -- Just like she did during the first half of the school year, first-grader Coy Mathis wants to use the girls' res...

67%     33%

Common Core Will Endure?

Proponents for this new curriculum suggest that standards are needed to measure progress and ensure no child is left behind. Others believe that creativity is thwarted an...

50%     50%

Cutting Education Funding Is NOT The Right Move

States are cutting Education Funding left and right. Is that the best way to save money? I DON'T THINK SO! How about ...

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D.A.R.E Programs in Schools... Good or Bad?

D.A.R.E. is the commonly known Drug Abuse Resistance Education program that is meant to prevent substance abuse. D.A.R.E...

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Education Spending Sacrifices

Several states have been cutting their education budget at the expense of the students' and teachers' well being. Does the money saved make this societal detriment worth...

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EQ versus IQ

Emotional Intelligence is more important then Intellectual Intelligence. There should be more focus on EQ in the educations system. Studies say that your IQ only accoun...

67%     33%

Higher Education Issues and Collaboration

How do you view the foundation of Higher Education was designed, and the way that it impacts Americans today when furthe...

67%     33%

Homework should be banned

Some studies now show that children get no benefit from doing homework. A few school districts have even done away with it all together....

20%     80%

Is the No Child Left Behind Really Beneficial?

Since the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law took effect in 2002, it has had a sweeping impact on U.S. public school classr...

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It's not my responsibility to educate your child

In our culture it is a fundamental right to privacy and total personal autonomy when it comes to "reproductive" ...

33%     67%

Merit Based Pay For Teachers

Would standardizing the way teachers are paid with incentives based on their performance, help to reward those educators who are good at what they do and week out those w...

33%     67%

Metal Detectors in Schools: Good Prevention?

The use of metal detectors in schools is a growing debate. One camp supports this physical deterrence method as common s...

33%     67%

No Child Left Behind Has Dumbed Down Our Standards

The no child left behind has led to a dumbing-down of standards, led to a narrowing of the curriculum to our ranking tod...

60%     40%

NYC Forcing Students to Take Sex Ed

All students 11 years old and up will be required to take a class in sex ed, in spite of complaints by parents who want this to be their choice....

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Plan B Vending Machine at Penn University

UPenn has put vending machines selling the morning after pills to students. They make no profit on the sales and use no ...

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