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Abortion is Murder

People who support abortion are legalizing murder....

47%     53%

Drivers of the Prius believe they are superior

People who drive the Toyota Prius tend to believe they are morally superior because they think, "look how green I am...

57%     43%

Noise pollution

Raking and sweeping are much better ways to deal with fallen leaves than high, dental drilling pitched blowers. What do you think?...

50%     50%

One's epistemology determines his ontology

Definition of epistemology: How we know what we know. Ontology: What is real. The best way to make the case is by an exa...

0%     100%

Preparing a Cup of Coffee

I always prepare my coffee by first putting in the cream a/o sweetener, then pouring the coffee. This is to save having to use a stir or a plastic spoon. Even when I su...

33%     67%

preparing instant oatmeal

It is far better to boil your water/milk first then pour over your oatmeal rather than mix the water/milk with the oatmeal, then microwave it to a boil which is very pote...

33%     67%

We are in a Matrix.

Now that we have reached the technological point where it is possible to imagine a virtual reality that can rival the real world, we have to face some hard facts. One re...

100%     0%

Women Are Worse Drivers Than Men

They are less instinctive, less aware, and that's not even when they are putting on makeup while driving....

44%     56%
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