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Dogs are better than cats!

I think this because dogs are far more playful....

60%     40%

Fish sticks for lunch at the Aquarium cafeteria?

Baltimore's National Aquarium features fish sticks on its cafeteria menu... Is it just me, or does this seem a little w...

100%     0%

Home insurance companies target certain dog breeds

Insurance companies have been re-evaluating their coverage for homeowners who have dogs such as “pit bulls,” rottweilers...

57%     43%

Michael Vick Should be Allowed to Own a Dog Again?

Vick said in a recent interview that he would someday like to own a dog again. He said it would be part of his rehabilit...

25%     75%

Siberians Are the Smartest Cats

Of course intelligence can be multi-faceted, but how do you compare a cat that reads screenplays for enjoyment?...

0%     0%

The Dog Should Die?

This dog mauled a four year old boy who wandered into his yard and tried to take his bone. Was the babysitter negligent, yes. Was the boy doing what boys do, yes. Was the...

67%     33%

Would raccoons make good pets?

They're adorable. They can be litter trained. And I hear that they're just as docile and enjoyable as cats. Yet, they can be aggressive, destructive to propert...

25%     75%
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