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All laws are based on morality

We often here, "YOU CAN'T AND SHOULDN'T LEGISLATE MORALITY". Actually, all laws are ultimately based on moral values. From laws regarding traffic stops to murde...

75%     25%

Children's names should be subject to approval

Some parents are frivolous bordering on cruel when it comes to naming their children. They should be forbidden from giv...

60%     40%

Conservative Christians have the most intellect

It becomes way to tedious to debate a left wing, darwinistic, naturalistic, socialistic member of today's society. They...

0%     100%

Destabilizing the Military Strengthens the Country

Repealing the 'don't ask don't tell' policy may create problems for the military but wasnt the same argument made for Af...

60%     40%

Gino's Owners is Prejudice: Should it Matter?

Gino's PIzza is reknowned for the best cheese steaks in the country. His website also clearly defines him as a bigot. Sh...

100%     0%

Is Flag Burning a Dignified Form of Protest?

While I'm not in favor of more laws to regulate our actions, I see flag burning as over the top and anti patriotic....

25%     75%

Is the US a True Melting Pot?

The US is a country made up of varied religions, cultures, races, ethnicities, etc... However this doesnt mean we have integrated in a way that makes us one people....

100%     0%

It's Time for Serious Gun Control

Are our civil liberties really in jeopardy by limiting access to semi automtic rifles? Aren't we done having our children slaughtered by the ever increasing mass homicida...

33%     67%

Loss of Privacy Worth National Security?

In an effort to prevent terrorism on U.S. soil, the government has infringed upon our privacy more than any other time i...

25%     75%

Man going to the moon and back is now impossible.

Sending men to the moon and bringing them back safely was a supreme accomplishment, regardless of the actual value of th...

0%     100%

Military or civil service ought to be mandatory

A minimum of one year of military or civil service ought to be mandatory to all united states citizens...

0%     100%

Socialism demands atheism

For a strong centralized government, such as socialism or communism, to succeed, there is one major obstacle that must be eliminated. This obstacle is God. When God is ...

0%     100%

The new definition of a human person will create great evil

As our culture slides more and more into the naturalistic, secular realm, the definition of what it means to be a human ...

50%     50%
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