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Ban Smoking In All Public Places

The civil rights people will probably disagree, but one person's choice to damage their health shouldnt take away my right to choose...not to mention the environmental co...

67%     33%

Forced Immunization Violates Our Freedom

Students can't get into school unless they show proof of immunization records, in spite of all the dangers for autism an...

50%     50%

Is Euthanasia Humane?

Ending somebody's suffering because they are in agony is humane. People shouldnt suffer with a chronic and progressive illness without the choice to end their life....

75%     25%

Is it ever OK to tell a white lie?

Of course, honesty is very important. But, can it ever be seen as healthy or acceptable to tell a little white lie every once in a while? A hard lie can be viewed as a...

50%     50%

Leftover Pizza

Do you agree it is better cold than heated up? It is never the same again, why try. ...

33%     67%

Let's All Thank McDonalds

McD's is removing artificial ingredients from their chicken nuggets to help make healthier food. Firstly, i'm not sure we can call this food and secondly, i'm not sure th...

0%     100%

Men Tolerate Pain Better Than Women

A new study came out that compared pain levels of males and females in hospitals. Turns out women rated pain 20% higher than did men. So i guess the old myth is false...

33%     67%

Pro-choicers should be anti-socialized medicine

In my lifetime there has been a huge erosion in property rights in the US. There is virtually no such thing as private ...

0%     100%

The sponge in the kitchen at work.

The staff at work seem very reluctant to use the sponge because of bacteria. The "anti-bacterial" dish liquid keeps the sponge saturated until it is rinsed out. ...

40%     60%
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