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abortion on demand - it's the only healthy way

Why not leave it up to the individual woman? Hers is the body being used as a vessel of life, hers is the health risk, ...

43%     57%

Addiction is NOT a disease!

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) just released a new definition of addiction that its a chronic brain disorder and not simply a behavior problem. I find ...

40%     60%

Forced to take Chemo Treatments-this is NOT ok.

Cassandra, a 17-yr old girl in CT has been forced to take chemo treatments -- which is now in remission. She wants to g...

0%     0%

Health Ins. Companies are destroying our health

We used to trust our doctors, we used to have relationships with them. Our doctors used to enjoy a profession NOT a JOB....

40%     60%

Is an Obamacare doctor trustworthy?

Doctors in the US have functioned with profound independence in doing what is best for their patients, historically. With more and more third party (mainly government) i...

0%     100%

Morning After Pill Stays Prescription Only

(CNN) -- The secretary of Health and Human Services overruled Wednesday a Food and Drug Administration recommendation th...

33%     67%

We Have a Right, Even Obligation NOT to Vaccinate

Parents who don't vaccinate their children do so for two reasons. Firstly, they do it out of neglect plain and simple. B...

60%     40%
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