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Can Jesus make you skinny?

Pastor Rick Warren and his church think so. One day, as he was baptizing close to 400 of his followers, which took him nearly 4 hours, he came to a realization. His foll...

50%     50%

Categorzing Obesity as a mental disorder is wrong

The obesity epidemic has more to do with not addressing human physiology and what we need to be healthy as opposed to th...

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Drink or not to Drink

This questions is very important. Lets discuss...

67%     33%

Fat Can Be Healhy

Although obesity brings an increased risk of many health complications, the new study shows that people who are obese but do not have such complications might live as lon...

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Genetic Engineering = Modern Trickery

We need to put an end to this trickery! I am sick of being a human lab rat, especially when I'm not even aware of it! ...

67%     33%

GMO's: Greatest Threat to Public Safety

The general public is still in the dark about the takeover of our food industry by Monsanto and the spread of geneticall...

86%     14%

I want my raw milk

Trio of Los Angeles raw food advocates reportedly charged with conspiracy for advocating raw milk. Consumers should be allowed to drink or use a superior product in ter...

40%     60%

Juicing vs. Blending???

Which of these gives you the most nutrition. Some say the heat from the motor of the blender destroys enzymes....but what about the pulp that is discarded from juicing???...

60%     40%

National Health on the Decline

Pharmaceutical companies are getting richer as they capitalize on our our myopia. We are a quick fix society where we treat symtpoms,, rather than the underlying causes o...

100%     0%

Parents are complicit in children's obesity

We all know that companies use cartoon characters and teen pop stars to market products that are unhealthy and even pois...

80%     20%

We have no idea what we are eating anymore!

Food, in today's Western society, has become so ambiguous to the point where we generally have no idea what we are putti

75%     25%
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