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Cognitively driven people focus more on content

As opposed to experience oriented people who focus on process, cognitively driven people rely on information, facts, bel...

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Fear Based Discipline Does Not Work

Children who learn 'appropriate' behavior, by way of fear and intimidation, will face more personal and interpersonal struggles during their lifetimes than those who lear...

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Is Therapy Still Stigmatized?

Teens used to think that therapy was for people who are crazy, but now it seems they realize its okay....

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Money Does Matter

As I get older I am realizing more and more that while money does not guarantee happiness, it does allow you to be more present in your everyday life. It affords you the...

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Overdiagnosis of ADHD = Increase in Adult MI

Overdiagnosing children with ADHD leads to an increase in mental illness amongst adults. Given that many children diagn...

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People are Fearful of Intimacy

One of the scariest aspects of being a human being is rejection. We are afraid of being alone but we are more afraid of being turned down or rebuked in some way. As a res...

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People are Inherently Selfish

Human beings seek to get their needs met first before looking to meet the needs of others. Even people who are generous or caretaking do it because deep down they want so...

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Redefine Pedophilia as ''minor attracted individual

From a story on Fox News, it seems that some psychologists and psychiatrists are suggesting we unfairly stigmatize peopl...

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The consequences of abortion go very deep

I have noticed over the years how carefully one must tiptoe around discussing or debating abortion. We are approaching ...

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The Millennial Generation is the Most Narcissistic

As it becomes easier to reflect the world as we see it, it also becomes easier to manipulate and project the image of ou...

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Trust Until Trust is Broken

Many people built trust over time, only allowing themselves to be vulnerable when the other person proves they are worthy not to be betray us. I prefer to trust until peo...

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