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How hot is too hot?????

Do you think that playing baseball in over 100 degree weather is ok? Is there ever a temperature that is too hot to play?...

33%     67%

Phillies will win world series!

even though the Phillies have been struggling recently, the pitching staff will be sufficient enough to get the job done....

25%     75%

Red Sox Fans are a bunch of Boobs

Red Sox fans are classless. They have had so many losing seasons they spend more energy wishing for other teams to lose....

100%     0%

Should Pete Rose be allowed in the Hall of Fame?

Pete Rose has been banned from baseball for gambling. He kept up a long standing lie on this issue until recently when h...

50%     50%

Should there be instant replays in baseball

After a very controversial call in a 19 inning baseball game between the Pirates and the Braves, the question rises in r...

40%     60%

Walk On Athletes

Do you think athletes who are invited walk ons as freshmen in college will have the chance to earn scholarship monies in years 2, 3 and 4??...

0%     100%
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