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A minimum wage of $20/hr...Sure!

One of the "demands" of the Wall Street Protesters is allegedly $20/hr. Whether you agree or not, what should the minimum wage be? Do you adjust it based on the...

40%     60%

Arlene Ackerman Should NOT Get Unemployment!

Alrene Ackerman, the recently dismissed Superintendent of The Philadelphia School System, was paid over $900,000 as part...

50%     50%

Health Care Debate!

With the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act set to take footing in January of 2014, many Americans feel uneasy about the Presidents health care plan. Roughly ...

60%     40%

Hertz is Right for Firing Muslims Who Pray at Work

Don't get me wrong. Everyone has the right to practice their religion on their own time. Recently Hertz fired 20 plus ...

50%     50%

Linda Ann Weston should recieve life or worse?

Linad Weston was arrested in Philadelphia on October 18th for holding four mentaly challenged adults captive in the base...

75%     25%

Paterno should be held responsible for PSU scandal

This is one of the most explosive big college scandals to become exposed in the last century. Former Penn State defensiv...

83%     17%

Should 7 year old boy been allowed in girl scouts?

A 7 year old transgendered boy in Denver Colorado attempted to enter the girl scouts. The boy named Bobby was originally...

80%     20%

Syria Civil War

The Syria Civil War has been going on since 2011. Over 90,000 people have died and there is recent evidence that suggest's the Assad regime is using chemical attacks on t...

25%     75%

The News should no longer be called just, "News"

There seems to very little if any Good News in the "news". They should just call it what it is THE BAD NEWS!...

80%     20%

Troy Anthony Davis shouldn't have been executed?

Troy Anthony Davis was convicted of murder in 1991 for the shooting murder of a police officer in Savannah Georgia. The ...

100%     0%

Why are Wall Street executives facing no jail time

After the economic collapse of 2008 regulators from the SEC and other government officials bega investigating white coll...

100%     0%

Will Obama get reelected in 2012?

He promised change. Some say Obama has yet to live up to his word, some are pleased with what he has done. Regardless of who is his opponent in the Republican corner in 2...

67%     33%

Would a Flat Tax Work? Sure, why not!

Taxes are out of control, everyone can agree. I think that a flat tax would be great. For example, the government coul...

50%     50%
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