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"Real " freedom to vote

Why do we have to vote for a paticular party and not some selected yes person from a political party? all we ever get are republacrats and not real people, we should have...

86%     14%

"unemployment in america"

We need jobs in america and we need the infrastucture rebuilt in america,WHY can't the employement office put ALL these people togeather and start rebuilding?? they are r...

50%     50%

Another Texas politician?

Let's look at what texas has given us nothing but BUSH, CHENEY, Haliburton and now two other large (tax evaders) that was on 60 minutes last sunday 8-14-11 and now a gov....

25%     75%

Assassinating Awlaki Sets Dangerous Precedent

On Feb. 3, 2010, Dennis Blair, then the country's director of national intelligence, admitted before the House Intellige...

50%     50%

AW, Rick Santorum is GONE.

Now this is a good thing, anyone that can say that they would not allow their daughter to get abortion after they get raped does not deserve to have a leadership role in ...

67%     33%

Bachman for President: Bad for America!

Definitely worth reading if you value the American way. Michele Bachman for President and the 12 steps she has signed: ...

100%     0%

Bachmann: DC is Vile and Corrupt

Harsh words to draw attention to capture headlines or the truth?...

67%     33%

Bernie Sanders is the Only Logical Candidate

Trump is going to threaten our very survival as a planet while Clinton will encounter gridlock from the moment she takes...

50%     50%

Campaign Finance Reform

I am sure most of us are "regular Americans" and not someone like one of the billionaire Koch brothers. With that said, let me ask you whether or not you believe ...

60%     40%

Chris Christie is destroying NJ education

Is Chris Christie trying to completely annihilate the public education system in New Jersey or is he doing what needs to...

44%     56%

Did Susan G. Komen make a bad decision?

Now the Komen foundation has changed its mind. Seems like planned parenthood/Kommen/Women's issues are controlled by &...

50%     50%

Do women make better politicians?

My friend was on a web show, Social women, voicing the need for more women in politics. "The most important thing you said on Social Women, is that more women nee...

25%     75%

Donald Trump Will Withdraw From the Race

As Trump continues to implode, my predication is that he abandons his campaign, blaming the system as being unfair. He i...

25%     75%

False Flag Terror Attack within 6 months

I believe there will be another false flag terror attack in the United States within the next 6 months. Despite the med...

0%     100%

FEMA camps will be used to jail Americans

HR 645 "National Emergency Centers Establishment Act", is currently in Congress. It is the means by which FEMA c...

0%     100%

Gingrich or Romney?

If you had to choose, who would you pick, and why? Gingrich - agree Romney - disagree Please Neither - Neutral They seem to like to argue, bringing the best of politica...

0%     100%

GOV Brewer should Not have vetoed Anti-Gay Bill

On 26 February 2014, AZ Governor Jan Brewer vetoed Anti-Gay Bill SB 1062. AZ's Republican-led legislature approved the ...

57%     43%
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