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College/University is a financial scam

University education in the UK used to be free like it still is in many other EU countries, and then they started chargi...

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Did We Learn from the U.S. Economic Crisis?

I'm not sure we learned enough about what brought us into a deep recession and I don't believe the actions we took put u...

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EMA payments should be revised instead of scrapped

Just to warn you, it's quite long. A lot of people really don't understand this and just say that students don't need m...

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Fast Food Giants Killing the Economy

Fast food giants like McDonalds are costing taxpayers over a billion dollars, because they are paying employees less tha...

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Homelessness Rise in NYC: Entitlements Fault?

It costs $36,000 a year to shelter a homeless family in New York City. In comparison, a rental voucher is $10,000 a year...

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Occupy Wall Street Will Make a Difference?

This demonstration has already spread across the country and is now in Europe. Is the message clear and what will be the...

77%     23%

Pres Obama's Job Bill Needs to Pass

With the state of our economy and the lack of job growth, we can't leave it to the private sector to work their way out of this slump. While the job bill may not be polit...

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State Taxes Should be Higher Than Federal

If we are truly going to be a democracy that supports the individual as opposed to the masses, we need to give more powe...

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To buy or not to buy!

With the economy the way it is and the housing market taking a huge NOW the time to buy a house........OR the market going to get even worse???...

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