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Ahmadinejad and Chavez

Joke about nuclear strike against the US. Should we take this as a viable threat or just talk from two crazy dictators? “We will always be together,” Ahmadinejad said t...

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America VS Israel?

Contrary to popular belief (news/tv/rumors here in the states) Israel is a completely westernized country in the middle east. Lebanon and Syria to the north, the Mediterr...

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Birth Tourism: Good for America?

Parents from other countries are having their children born in the states to provide them citizenship. Their motivation is good health care and future oportunity. Some...

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Boko Haram is doing God's Work

Islamist group Boko Haram is doing God's work by kidnapping Christian girls in Nigeria and selling them in foreign markets. Hopefully the men who buy and marry them will...

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Celebrating bin Laden's Death is Gruesome

This might make me very unpopular, but joy at the death of a person, no matter how despicable the person is, seems disgu...

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CNN should not stop providing news about MH370

If the news giant stops making MH370 a headline, the world will forget about this missing plane and eventually the searc...

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Do you believe the world will end in 2012?

As many of us felt the earthquake earlier today, some are saying it''s a sign, the start of the end....that 2012 is appr...

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Ebola would have a cure if it were in Europe

If there was a major outbreak in the US or Europe, there would be a cure by now. There is no money to be made in helping...

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Egypt Afraid of Social Media

The Egyptian government is taking down social networking sites to control the message the world is receiving about violence....

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Immunity for US Troops In Iraq is Dangerous

(CNN) -- The U.S. Secretary of Defense says any agreement reached that keeps American troops in Iraq past an end-of-the-...

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Invading Syria Will Not Help

In spite of the use of chemical weapons on it's civilians, the country is too far gone to be helped by a UN invasion. The country has been annihilated a long time ago and...

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Is basketball the way to world peace?

Dennis Rodman is the first American to meet North Korea's new leader. Dennis claims he and Kim are now friends. He has s...

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Israel Needs To Show Restraint

Hamas is drawing Israel into a confrontation in an effort to unify the opposition. The only way to keep all out war from occurring is to refrain from further violence....

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Israeli-Palestine Conflict CAN be solved.

In order for these two countries to stop the bloodshed, several things need to happen. 1. The PLO needs to see the U.S. ...

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Killing Cecil is no worse than other animal murder

Every day 99.5% of Americans cause the suffering and/or death of animals for their own selfish reasons from eating m...

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North Korea is Modern Day Nazi Germany

There are more similarities between N. Korea and Nazi Germany then there are differences. The brainwashing that exists f...

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Nuclear War in Korea is Imminent

North and South Korea are on the verge of significant escalation and the U.S. seems powerless to intervene....

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