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Einstein could have been wrong!

Einstein’s theory of special relativity, proposed in 1905, states that nothing in the universe can travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum. But researchers at t...

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Evolution cannot explain morality.

One hears all the time how evolution is the origin of human moral behavior. It is the standard jargon of morality is genetically determined in that it promotes the survi...

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Multiple Universes

The theory known as Chaotic Inflation which is a continuation of Thermal Inflation (Big Bang) is gaining more adherents in the world of physics as it helps explain observ...

50%     50%

Space Station: A Colossal Waste of Money?

The development of Spaceport America is bringing positive economic growth having already adding 800 construction jobs an...

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theory of relativity vs. steady state theory

this is a extensions of a earlier debate that I found interesting. with the point of view that my man Albert Einstein ha...

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U.F.O.'s, Do You Believe?

Have you seen objects in the sky that make you think, "What is That"? What about any Flashing or Blinking objects that have no sound, of maybe it flew really slo...

50%     50%

You can't fit a square peg in a round hole

The Big Bang Theory is codswallop ~ a kind of e=mc2 hammered into a pi theory round hole~ Simple Logic deduces that you ...

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