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Adult jew kills 8 year old boy jew

This is such a sad, sad story. The poor little boy was lost and asking for help only to be brutally murdered by this sick man. As a parent, would you want the death pen...

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David Gregory has dropped the Mantle on MTP

Granted, Tim Russert was a tough act to follow, the point isnt to discredit or befriend an interviewee, its to challenge...

50%     50%

Evolution vs. Creation

A new exhibit at the Senckenberg National History Collections in Dresden,"have recreated the faces of individual early humans from bone fragments, starting from the e...

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I wonder if I truly exist, at all

Not really, but it is a good start to the topic of the debate: "LIFE IS ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS' The more I think about it the more it seems true that all of life b...

50%     50%

Mclane Food Services Harms Employees?

This company has been accused of exploiting their workers, delivering tainted food, and causing public health hazards. T...

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Requiring a bilingual Employee is discrimination!

Example - "We are looking for a Bilingual employee for "x" position. Candidate must be fluent in Spanish and...

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