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Anything More Disturbing Than This?

This video game exploits the most tragic experience of mass school violence. Unreal....

0%     0%

Best Magic Trick of All Time

I've watched this ten times and still have no idea how the guy did it....

100%     0%

Building with wood or plastic

Would it not be better to build house with plastic/ composite material rather than wood?...

67%     33%

Favorite Fries

Age old debate...McDonalds fries are the best....

75%     25%

golden globes

if they didn't want someone controversial to host the Golden Globe awards why on earth did they get Ricky Gervais to do it?...

0%     100%

Instant Chat

Ufeud should add a chat option so we can instantly connect....

33%     67%

NEA Should Fund All Arts

There should be no discrimination about how funds are allocated because some people are uncomfortable or deem art to be innappropriate....

33%     67%

Netflix Makes Major Mistake

Netflix just raised their prices which is going to be mean losing many customers who wont pay the higher prices....

80%     20%

Porn is Killing America

The propensity of pornography on the internet is moving us toward a society without values, morals, or respect of others. Porn is at the root of many of our societal ills...

20%     80%

Spider Man Injuries Increase Revenue

The third accident since the opening of this Broadway play is sending more people to the box office in spite of risks to...

50%     50%

Stardom does not Oblige being a Role Model

Whether a famous actor or sports figure, being in the limelight does not carry with it the responsibility of modelling a...

50%     50%

Twitter: The angriest Site on the Internet?

On Sunday night, Nina Davuluri, an American of Indian ancestry, was named Miss America. Immediately, the Twitterverse st...

67%     33%
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