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A Great White Among Hammerheads

Robert Herjavec is the most impressive shark on ABC's hit show, Shark Tank. He is honest but kind, savy but fair, and the most patient of all the investors. He has been s...

75%     25%

Al Pacino Has Limited Range as an Actor

Although he is certainly a captivating and powerful actor, he plays similar roles every time. Even Scent of a Woman, alb...

50%     50%

Deport Bieber?

Justin Bieber shows a blatant disregard for the U.S. and doesnt deserve to stay living in this country....

50%     50%

Has Clarkson gone too far?

World famous Top Gear star, Jeremy Clarkson, has been suspended from the popular UK show following his “fracas” with producer Oisin Tymon. More than 840,000 have people s

50%     50%

Hypocrisy at the Heart of Conservatism?

John Stewart calls out Megyn Kelly for her turnaround on maternity leave. Stewart pokes fun at the fox news host for cha...

100%     0%

Jim Carey Out of Line?

Is this video love letter stepping over the line as a 49 year old man professing his love for a 22 year old female....

67%     33%

Miley Cyrus Tattoo is Brave

For a young performer to risk her reputation by supporting gay marriage, its impressive. She even supported fans on twitter than got preachy with her, which makes her a c...

67%     33%

The music industry should be drug tested

After watching so many iconic music people lose their lives to addiction, I think they should be randomly drug tested ju...

25%     75%

Trump Has Gone Off The Deep End

Trump's recent rant about marching on Washington because we are a country divided is one of the stupidest things he has ever said: ...

0%     100%
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