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Are Today's Youth Less Imaginative and Creative?

Researchers say they are finding exactly that. In a 2010 study of about 300,000 creativity tests going back to the 1970s...

33%     67%

Babies on the plane should get free seats

So, here's a thought. On planes have a special area for parents with babies and young children. Have this area over the ...

80%     20%

Beauty Pageants Sexualize Young Children

Parents on this video are outraged by the suggestion that pageants promote sexualit and endanger their children while Dr...

78%     22%

Children and Technology - When's Too Early

In this month's issue of Parenting, there is an article about children and technology. In the article there is a debate ...

33%     67%

Is it ok to discipline someone else's child?

What do you think? Is it ok or not? The Today show reported on a new NBC drama show airing on TV tonight causing quite...

67%     33%

Outlaw Corporal Punishment?

With the recent release of a Texas judge beating his daughter, questions emerge as to the moral and legal stance we take as a country. Corporal punishment was banned in s...

50%     50%

Penalty is not enough for Teacher!

Luciano, a teacher in University Heights was terminated and barred from getting a job at another city school until end of 2015. Why? She came up with an assignment �...

0%     0%

Require kids to do extracurricular activities

With all of the technology we have, it's too easy for children to lose themselves in a world of solitude, just them and ...

50%     50%

SpongeBob Harms Kids

SpongeBob study: Child psychologists at the University of Virginia exposed 4-year-olds to nine minutes of 'a very popular fantastical cartoon about an animated sponge tha...

50%     50%

Teaching a 1 year old what's appropriate is hard

Teaching a 1 year old what is appropriate behavior is tough. You need to make sure you focus on positive reinforcement...

50%     50%

The FDA vs. Children's Cancer drug.

Recently the FDA halted the manufacture of a drug that cures 90% of the most dangerous form of childhood leukemia A.L.L. Hospitals and doctors are scrambling to g...

0%     100%


A Columbus, Georgia mom wanted to scare her son, who had been constantly misbehaving and being disrespectful in school. So, she called police to help stage a mock arrest....

100%     0%
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