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Dad Getts 'A' for Effort

A father punishes his child for failing grades by making him wear a sign in public. This form of punishment through humiliation is primitive and shame inducing, but at le...

33%     67%

Family collapse opens door to Totalitarianism

It is hard to deny that the institution of marriage is unraveling before our very eyes thoughout the western world. Sex ...

50%     50%

Is it Abuse?

An Alaskan mother is on trial for forcing her seven year old son to eat hot sauce after she caught him lying. Is this abuse?...

75%     25%

Is spanking a child an appropriate punishment?

I've been curious as to what the majority people (parents and youths alike) feel about spanking a child as a form of pun

11%     89%

Kids Should be Allowed A Facebook Account?!

All kids over 14 have the right to have their own account....

67%     33%

No kids under the age of 7 !

Private business owners should be able to set rules. That includes setting an age limit on children allowed in the dining area --especially after this experience! He tr...

67%     33%

Okay for parents to walk in without knocking?

If a child is over 13, should parents have to knock before entering a child's room? I think parents should at least knoc...

20%     80%
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