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Adults should make their own choices in life

where possible. I was having a debate with my friend about guidelines people set out for people to live buy, such as the...

67%     33%

Can We Still be Friends?

If I think homosexual behavior is a sin and have good reasons, can we still be friends?...

50%     50%

Casey Anthony is Innocent

There is no way that she could have killed her baby. She could not have kept this to herself for so long but because of all the bad publicity, she is seeming more guilty....

33%     67%

Dr. Jack Kevorkian Dies a Hero

The doctor who put assisted suicide on the world's ethic's stage is dead at 83. He will be remembered as a man who put dignity above the law and helped countless ...

33%     67%

Food Stamps

There was a recent suggestions that fast food chains should start accepting food stamps. A pundit thought this to be a bad idea because then it would allow people to purc...

33%     67%

Greater differences between city and country folks

In the US it is quite obvious there are growing disparities and differences in world views between city and country dwel...

75%     25%

In the Wilderness, Which 3 to take?

Recently on Camping Survival, this question was posed: How about some fun? Let's say you have to spend a week in the wilderness with no gear but the clothes your wearing...

0%     100%

Increased Accessibilty Leads To Less Accountabilty

In an age where we can reach people nearly any moment of the day through various electronic means, our follow through, r...

0%     100%

Legend or Louse

Taking a Side Could Hurt us All...

40%     60%

Men Are More Selfish Than Women

Men are inherently more concerned with getting what they want for themselves while women pay more attention to others....

67%     33%

People Don't Change

Why should we tell people when they piss us off because they are just going to do the same things they always do....

38%     62%

The American Dream is Changing

People used to aspire to fulfillment through the attainment of things, while now i believe that we seek out deeper and more meaningful rewards in life....

50%     50%

The Best Thing zealots are the most dangerous

Too often I hear the words, "It would be the BEST THING if____________." (You fill the blanks.) It can be thing...

100%     0%

this site lacks the population for debating

just wondering what you guys think... will this grow in popularity or will it continue to be a sometimes debate site...

33%     67%

We are more like I-Phones than river rocks

Many folks would like us to believe that we are nothing more than the end products of time and natural laws and change,...

67%     33%

We don't know true tolerance

The word "tolerance" has been reconstructed. Classically, it meant this: You think someone is really wrong about such and such and, it is about something that is ...

50%     50%

When People Die, They Are Remembered Selectively

The long time owner of the Oakland Raiders Al Davis Died today. He will be spoken about as a coach, commissioner, and ow...

50%     50%
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