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Big Banks are Thieves!

When will the people of america tell these thieves in the big banks your out of here and pull your money out and go to your local SMALL bank or credit union to do your ba...

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Do Two Wrongs Make A Right? 6,000,000 foreclosures

Is it right for the Fed & Goldman Sachs to orchestrate what can only be called 'Financial MeltDown.' that has already ca...

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Google's is Growing Too Powerful?!

While they may not be taking over the world as some prognostics say, they are doing their best to create a monopoly in communication, ironically in the age of the interne...

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Start Taxing the Wealthy

This country is in serious trouble financially. Its time to raise taxes on the wealthy and get rid of loopholes if we want to get out of this mess. Stop looking to the go...

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The Big Boys are taking us for a ride

With the stock market going up and down, 2% to 5% a day, it may suggestive that the Big Boys are playing all of ...

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Women are better leaders than men in the workplace

In general (and i understand this is a bit of a stereotype), women are socialized relationally (e.g., to communicate mor...

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