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911 First Responders Betrayed

Emergency workers who were the first on scene for 911 are now being told that cancer does not qualify them for relief funding. This is a travesty....

67%     33%

Baltimore Riots--Mother of the Year ?

Baltimore riots and looting...this mother recognized her son and took appropriate steps to stop him from doing something...

0%     100%

Bert and Ernie Ok To Marry?

Is using Bert and Ernie inappropriate or is the audience to young to start learning about alternative lifestyles? Read about the petition started to figure this very f...

80%     20%

Bishops and Birth Control. Really?

How did this ever become an issue of the "Catholic Church"? Please, stick to what you know. "Richard Doerflinger is the point man on life issues for the U...

50%     50%

Casey Anthony makes headlines because she's hot.

If Casey Anthony were unattractive her case would have been ignored by the media long ago. Michelle Kalina, for instanc...

29%     71%

Catholic League boycotting John Stewart?

"Catholic League threatens Jon Stewart with boycott over ‘vagina manger’ joke on ‘Daily Show’" "What can wo...

0%     100%

Condoms In Porn Petition Presented To LA Voters

LOS ANGELES -- If a health advocacy group gets enough petition signatures, Los Angeles residents could be asked to vot...

0%     0%

Consumers of all products need to open their eyes!

Johnson & Johnson has been knowingly using two harmful chemicals in their baby products. They say they are only traces o...

67%     33%

Detroit Stadium Booty Lounge

Outside of the Detroit Stadium there is a Mobile GoGo bar called The Booty Lounge. Parents are Upset that its in the presence of their Children, WHILE THE PARENTS ARE TA...

0%     0%

Did Susan G. Komen make a bad decision?

The move by the breast cancer research group came after Congress in September began investigating whether Planned Parent...

33%     67%

Do you really care about your pastors sex life?

Mark Driscoll, a pastor of a megachurch in the Seattle area thins you do, or you should. “Real Marriage: The Truth abou...

50%     50%

Don't ask dont tell, more American?

The "Dont ask dont tell" was the official United States policy on homosexuals and bisexuals in the United States Military. The new bill that passed September 20th...

100%     0%

Florida and Welfare Drug Testing

Florida is the first State that will require drug testing when applying for welfare (effective July 1st)! Some people are crying this is unconstitutional. How is this unc...

75%     25%

Govt Reports Unemployment is Down Fallacy

Reports from the White House and Wall Street talk about how unemployment is “down” to 5.6%. The White House wants t...

0%     100%

Helen Keller Sunglasses, really?

Do they completely block out everything so you can't see? It is a Chinese firm, maybe that means something else in their language. Like, "I have no clue". Why ...

0%     100%

Intelligence Study Links Low I.Q. to........agree?

Intelligence Study Links Low I.Q. To Prejudice, Racism, Conservatism via Huffington Post "Are racists dumb? Do co

25%     75%

It Is Far Too Easy To Plead Insanity

Every time you read about some atrocious crime, you are just waiting for the defense's attempt to have their client cert...

0%     100%
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