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California Bans Use of Tanning Beds for Under 18

California is one of several states to enact restrictions on the use of commercial tanning for teens. The determination ...

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Congress: Keep Your Hands Off the Internet!

With the FCC just weeks away from passing strong rules on net neutrality, the enemies of a free and open Internet are tu...

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Firearms vs. Doctors

Maybe we are spending too much time talking about the wrong problems....

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Have We Healed Yet, 10 Years After 911

Its been 10 years since the country and the world was shaken to its core by the devastating terrorists attacks in NY and...

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Is the S&P downgrade the beginning of the end?

Standard & Poor’s downgraded the U.S government debt credit rating over the weekend, and the stock market - predictably ...

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Is this license plate racist? Yes it is.

The State of Georgia recently authorized a license plate bearing the Confederate Battle Flag. Many Southerners argue th...

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Obama Should go to Ferguson

He is uniquely suited to discuss the many civil rights issues under debate....

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Should all Americans have to earn citizenship?

"With an eye toward the children of illegal immigrants, some politicians are trying to end birthright citizenship. I...

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Should US Flags only be made in the US?

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives are renewing a push to stop the federal government from buying and flying Amer...

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WikiLeaks Good for Our Citizens?

Were the actions of Bradley Manning high treason that put our country in danger, as the government is prosecuting or a way of holding the politicians accountable....

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