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4 Cigarette Companies Sue Govt: A Waste of Money

While suing the government is certainly our right in a free society, this lawsuit is going to cost millions. And what ar...

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Are the State Police given

I believe they are! My ex-husband, Trooper Daryl Lynch is a NJ state Trooper. Since joining the force 6 years ago he has committed forgery, has had 3 counts of child enda...

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Begging is more noble than welfare

Begging for the necessities of life when one is unable (tempoorarily or permanently) to manage on his or her own and, therefore, depending on the charity of others is muc...

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Bus Driver not have been fired

A student filmed a bus driver kicking a student off the bus which resulted in him getting fired. The bus-cam shows the FULL video of what truly transpired. The bus driv...

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Child Molesters Are Treated Too Well

When a person molests an innocent child, they not only hurt them physically, but essentially kill their innocence. Some...

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excessive force?

see related video...

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ISIS-Retaliate or Sit Back and Wait for Karma

There are those that think we should stay out of it and others that think the US should go in and wipe out ISIS after th...

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Naming your child Adolph Hitler is child abuse.

Apparently, one judge has taken 2 kids from their parents due to their given names of Adoph Hitler Campbell and Aryan Na...

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No Charges Should be Filed?

A man who caught a 47 year old adult sexually abusing his four year old daughter, beat him to death. Nobody in the town including the sheriff believe that charges should ...

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No Debt Limit for You and Me, seems only fair!

I have no idea what kind of economic hybrid, bastard, type of system the US in now running. But, the latest spin is tha...

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Progressive income tax is unfair discrimination

If it is wrong to say something like: "All african-americans should pay a higher rate of income tax than the rest,&...

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Restorative Justice is the Wave of the Future?

Restorative justice is a way of healing between perpetrator and victim that isnt punitive.Could this work in schools? In...

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Should Marijuana Be Legalized For Personal Use

If marijuana has been proven to help sick people feel better and is being legalized in many states to help these people,...

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Should the dog be returned to his rightful owner?

A man was out of town when his dog got out and and was picked up by Animal Control. He says he talked to someone and th...

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Sixty-four (64)% is a very important number

Historical data demonstrates that when individuals pay 64% of income and profits per year, they stop working. When o...

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Supreme Court Worthy?

This woman is protesting outside the Supreme Court to have her case heard, i believe. Its not easy to understand what she is looking for, but I promised her i would post ...

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Tasers should be legal for citizens in all states

Tasers are self-protection tools with many advantages. Owning a taser allows people to protection themselves without ex...

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