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British PM Proposes Social Media Ban

(CNN) -- British Prime Minister David Cameron thinks he's found some culprits to blame in the recent riots that have roc...

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Facebook IPO a Wake Up Call

Andew Keen believes we have less than ten years to figure out how to retain our autonomy, less the social media giants such as FB will rob us blindly of our civil liberti...

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Google+ crushing Facebook?

So which is it? Facebook or Google+. Right now seems like Google+ is gaining momentum. Lets hear your thoughts and opinions....

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No profile pic on FB, likely weight gain.

These people are suppose to be your friends. They know you were always on the thicker side and will not be too shocked a...

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Should the FBI be allowed to scrape Facebook data

The FBI is considering continuously monitoring all social media sites on a global basis, and is looking for help. It's a...

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Social Networks Destroying our Moral Fabric

It seems everyone you speak is either involved in or has a friend involved in marital/relationship stresses due to the i...

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Twitter''s by far the best business networking site

Google + facebook U-Tube are losing more and more ground everyday to the twitter phenomenon....

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