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Pardon Billy the Kid?

Gov Bill Richardson is considering honoring a pardon promise for Billy the Kid. After he is done we can do the same for the other famous killers of different generations....

0%     0%

Mass Animal Deaths Not Mystery

Large numbers of animals have mysteriously died recently, from the thousands of birds found dead in two southern U.S. states to 100,000 dead fish in Arkansas. Could this ...

0%     0%

Snooki's Booki a Success?

Jersey Shore star Nicole Polizzi will publish her very first novel early next year: A Shore Thing. This means she will have written as many books as she has read....

0%     100%

WikiLeaks: US Demanding Twitter Account Info

If the government is allowed to subpoena Wiki documents it sets a dangerous precedent for the future of internet privacy...

50%     50%

Sarah Palin is a Menace

Having the injured Congresswoman's district in cross hairs on her website is just the latest evidence of incredibly poor judgement. She stirs up controversy to get attent...

71%     29%

Star Trek vs Star Wars

This really isnt about who is better because it appeals to different generations. Its unfair to compare because Star Trek was a pioneer tv show while Star Wars was an epi...

0%     0%

Ban Smoking In All Public Places

The civil rights people will probably disagree, but one person's choice to damage their health shouldnt take away my right to choose...not to mention the environmental co...

67%     33%

Is Flag Burning a Dignified Form of Protest?

While I'm not in favor of more laws to regulate our actions, I see flag burning as over the top and anti patriotic....

25%     75%

Merit Based Pay For Teachers

Would standardizing the way teachers are paid with incentives based on their performance, help to reward those educators who are good at what they do and week out those w...

33%     67%

Gay Couples Shouldnt Be Allowed To Adopt

It's unfair to children to have this obstacle to overcome....

20%     80%

People are Fearful of Intimacy

One of the scariest aspects of being a human being is rejection. We are afraid of being alone but we are more afraid of being turned down or rebuked in some way. As a res...

71%     29%

Paternal Responsibily Should Have a Time Limit.

Women should be restricted from having a man DNA-tested and responsible for financial support as the father of her child...

33%     67%

Overdiagnosis of ADHD = Increase in Adult MI

Overdiagnosing children with ADHD leads to an increase in mental illness amongst adults. Given that many children diagn...

67%     33%

Culture of ducking responsibility damaging society

It's common place for people not to take their own actions into account or the consequences of their actions. The world'...

83%     17%

Mclane Food Services Harms Employees?

This company has been accused of exploiting their workers, delivering tainted food, and causing public health hazards. T...

100%     0%

Music is the food of love

Certain music affects the same pleasure centres in the brain as sexual encounters and wonderful food. So in fact it could be used as a substitute for either, as it has l...

50%     50%

People don't understand what blasphemy actually is

Taking God's name in vain doesn't mean saying "Oh God" when you're exasperated (that is a prayer) and only off...

67%     33%
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