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Why isn't there a log-in button on this site?

Lots of kinks to be worked out. I signed in, cannot even find myself or my post....

60%     40%

Is Protest of 9 Year Old Funeral Ok?

Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, has made its name by staging protests at funerals of people who died of AIDS,...

20%     80%

Tweeting for Birdbrains?

Providing updates every ten minutes is nothing short of obnoxious....

50%     50%

NEA Should Fund All Arts

There should be no discrimination about how funds are allocated because some people are uncomfortable or deem art to be innappropriate....

33%     67%

Does Mac beat PC?

Mac has not only beat the PC it has left it in the dust....

67%     33%

Is Euthanasia Humane?

Ending somebody's suffering because they are in agony is humane. People shouldnt suffer with a chronic and progressive illness without the choice to end their life....

75%     25%

U2 is The Best Band of All Time

Based on their fan base, the number of albums sold, and the number of hits, I don't see anybody close except for maybe the Beatles....

33%     67%

Shawshank Redemption: All Time Best Movie

The combination of suspense, action, intrigue...hands down the best of all time....

0%     100%

Monte Python Greatest Sketch Comedy of All Time

Nothing comes close to the genius of Monte Python....

100%     0%

Did We Learn from the U.S. Economic Crisis?

I'm not sure we learned enough about what brought us into a deep recession and I don't believe the actions we took put u...

20%     80%

Is Therapy Still Stigmatized?

Teens used to think that therapy was for people who are crazy, but now it seems they realize its okay....

67%     33%

Women Are Worse Drivers Than Men

They are less instinctive, less aware, and that's not even when they are putting on makeup while driving....

44%     56%

Best Magic Trick of All Time

I've watched this ten times and still have no idea how the guy did it....

100%     0%

Cougar is a Very Unfair Term for Older Women

It's hard enough to be out there over forty looking for a partner, but to be referred to as a cougar is demeaning....

33%     67%

abortion on demand - it's the only healthy way

Why not leave it up to the individual woman? Hers is the body being used as a vessel of life, hers is the health risk, ...

43%     57%

We are in a Matrix.

Now that we have reached the technological point where it is possible to imagine a virtual reality that can rival the real world, we have to face some hard facts. One re...

100%     0%

The invisible hands of USA holding the world.

From the start of 1800s the USA has evolved with major breakthroughs of inventions that took the Industrial world by sto...

100%     0%
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