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Children's names should be subject to approval

Some parents are frivolous bordering on cruel when it comes to naming their children. They should be forbidden from giv...

60%     40%

Stardom does not Oblige being a Role Model

Whether a famous actor or sports figure, being in the limelight does not carry with it the responsibility of modelling a...

50%     50%

Joseph's honeymoon would have been terrible.

i mean honestly. having to marry a girl and then have her get pregnant from another guy. And not only that, he had to si...

100%     0%

Muslim Poppy Burners

Many Muslims living in the West feel besieged by the anti-social antics of unrepresentative groups of their people, who set out to offend their host country. Because the...

100%     0%

golden globes

if they didn't want someone controversial to host the Golden Globe awards why on earth did they get Ricky Gervais to do it?...

0%     100%

It's reasonable to own 50 pairs of shoes

Many people own fewer pairs, but 50 pairs of shoes, excluding boots and sport shoes, is well within the bounds of normal...

67%     33%

Get moving and eat right; gimmicks are gimmicks

The fitness and food industries are packed with do this, don't do that, use my system or my machine, that other one won'...

60%     40%

Steelers will Dominate Packers

Green Bay is on a roll, but they don't stand a chance against Pittsburgh....

33%     67%

Tech Girls are Hot

What is it about Geeky, World of Warcraft playing, xbox and ps3 jockey girls that is attractive? Something about a girl that can talk bits and bytes that is extremely a...

83%     17%

Egypt Afraid of Social Media

The Egyptian government is taking down social networking sites to control the message the world is receiving about violence....

100%     0%

Multiple Universes

The theory known as Chaotic Inflation which is a continuation of Thermal Inflation (Big Bang) is gaining more adherents in the world of physics as it helps explain observ...

50%     50%

Chick- Fil-a Anti Gay?

While the owners are attempting to downplay it, it seems this fast food restaurant is promoting 'traditional heterosexual values'. So are they doing anything wrong?...

67%     33%

Snow day vs Midterm day vs Chinese New year

WTH?!??!!I think we should boycott school."Due to Chinese New Year, there will be no exams given on Thursday regard...

100%     0%

Gino's Owners is Prejudice: Should it Matter?

Gino's PIzza is reknowned for the best cheese steaks in the country. His website also clearly defines him as a bigot. Sh...

100%     0%

Drink or not to Drink

This questions is very important. Lets discuss...

67%     33%

Legalize Marijuana

Pot smoking is so widely done that our legal system is settting itself up to be sabatoged. This natural substance has so many values that we need to bring it into the mai...

57%     43%

The Shark Tank is ABC's Best Reality Show

This show is the ideal reality show because its interactive, educational, and helps people. The people change each week ...

88%     12%
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