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Abercrombie Crossed the Line

Their new pushup bikini bra for girls 8-12 is ridiculous. They changed the name when the public got up in arms, but its still the same product. ...

100%     0%

Celebrating bin Laden's Death is Gruesome

This might make me very unpopular, but joy at the death of a person, no matter how despicable the person is, seems disgu...

60%     40%

L Armstrong: Biggest Let Down in Sports History

Lance is by far the most disappointing sports figure of all time. His accomplishments of winning the Tour de France seve...

100%     0%


When would euthansia be acceptable if at all. I believe the only time it would be acceptable is if the person who wants to end there life, has a condition that doesnt see...

75%     25%

who will win the nascar race on june 12th

Who do you think will win the nascar race on june 12th. I'm a matt kenseth fan so i believe he will win the race. ...

100%     0%

Casey Anthony is Innocent

There is no way that she could have killed her baby. She could not have kept this to herself for so long but because of all the bad publicity, she is seeming more guilty....

33%     67%

Would raccoons make good pets?

They're adorable. They can be litter trained. And I hear that they're just as docile and enjoyable as cats. Yet, they can be aggressive, destructive to propert...

25%     75%

Will Two & A Half Men still be successful?

Love hm or hate him - Charlie Sheen is what drove viewers to stay tuned to Two & A Half Men. Can Ashton Kutcher eve...

33%     67%

Is it ever OK to tell a white lie?

Of course, honesty is very important. But, can it ever be seen as healthy or acceptable to tell a little white lie every once in a while? A hard lie can be viewed as a...

50%     50%

Dr. Jack Kevorkian Dies a Hero

The doctor who put assisted suicide on the world's ethic's stage is dead at 83. He will be remembered as a man who put dignity above the law and helped countless ...

33%     67%

Never perform exercises in full spinal flexion.

Repetitive flexion of the lumbar spine, such as when performing sit ups or crunches, contributes to degeneration of the ...

100%     0%

Social Media Has a Place in Education

A teacher in LA was recently featured on CNN for utilizing Twitter as part of his classroom lessons. Kids text, tweet, e...

50%     50%

There is no Heaven or Hell....just now

Religion is an antiquated thought process used to explain the unexplainable. People that have to rely on a higher powe...

60%     40%

Top Midlife Crisis Trip - Thailand?

Thailand would be a top choice for mid life crisis trip...

75%     25%

Casey Anthony makes headlines because she's hot.

If Casey Anthony were unattractive her case would have been ignored by the media long ago. Michelle Kalina, for instanc...

29%     71%

TSA Steps Over The Line

A pat downs of a six year old and forcing a 95 year old woman to remove an adult diaper are completely unnecessary, humilating, and bordering abuse....

0%     100%

Love OR Hate your J-O-B?!

With the economy a mess, I know I am lucky to have a job, but I absolutely hate it. It is NOT satisfying, not fullfilling, not making a difference in anyones life, and th...

75%     25%
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