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December 19, 2010
Gender: Male
Birth Date: August 13, 1969

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Allowing women in combat roles is good, but...

Allowing women into combat Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) originally reserved for men is a step in the right direction. Although most women may not want to take those roles, in an ...

50%     50%

Americans Have Lost Their Work Ethic

This debate was fueled by the above editorial from The New York Times. Americans today would rather collect unemployment insurance than do work that immigrants (both legal and illegal) ar...

100%     0%

Animals Feel Pain

The 17th century philospher Descartes said that animals lack consciousness, and therefore do not feel pain. How in the world he came to tha...

57%     43%

Ashley Wagner is a Poor Sport

Ashley Wagner says she feels "gypped" for coming in 7th place at Olympic figure skating when others who placed higher than her fell ...

0%     0%

Boko Haram is doing God's Work

Islamist group Boko Haram is doing God's work by kidnapping Christian girls in Nigeria and selling them in foreign markets. Hopefully the m...

0%     100%

Casey Anthony makes headlines because she's hot.

If Casey Anthony were unattractive her case would have been ignored by the media long ago. Michelle Kalina, for instance, killed four of her infant children and hid their bodies in her bedr...

29%     71%

CNN should not stop providing news about MH370

If the news giant stops making MH370 a headline, the world will forget about this missing plane and eventually the search will stop. The families need closure. For their sake lets not forg...

0%     100%

GOV Brewer should Not have vetoed Anti-Gay Bill

On 26 February 2014, AZ Governor Jan Brewer vetoed Anti-Gay Bill SB 1062. AZ's Republican-led legislature approved the Bill forcing Brewer to make a decision on it. By her vetoing this Bil...

57%     43%

Gov Christie is the GOP Teflon Don

NJ Governor Chris Christie is the GOP's Teflon Don. He will survive the Bridgegate Scandal unscathed as well as any of the allegations abou...

0%     100%

Is this license plate racist? Yes it is.

The State of Georgia recently authorized a license plate bearing the Confederate Battle Flag. Many Southerners argue the Confederate Battle Flag commemorates Southern history and is not a r...

100%     0%

Jason Collins Doesn't Deserve Media Attention

Jason Collins is far from being a great NBA player. At best he has average journeyman skills with only 3.6 points per game and 3.8 rebounds. Let's face it - at 35 years old his career is ne...

50%     50%

Katniss Everdeen Is a Poor Role Model for Women.

All of Katniss Everdeen's success rests solely on the shoulders of men. If she didn't have Gale Hawthorne, her family would have starved. If it weren't for Peeta, she'd have been killed in ...

100%     0%

MH370 did not merely crash in the ocean

Muslim extremists, the Chinese Government, UFOs, or possibly the Devil is responsible for the disappearance of MH370. Planes crash and boats sink, but if you can't find wreckage, it must su...

0%     100%

More children need to die before we outlaw guns

Our right to bear arms is far too important to give up due to the deaths of a few children. I can count in one hand the number of shootings we've had - Oregon, Seattle, Sandy Hook, West Vir...

0%     100%

My Oscar Picks

Best Picture - Captain Phillips Best Director - David O. Russell Best Actor - Matthew McConaughey Best Actress - Meryl Streep Best Supportin...

100%     0%

Oscar Pistorius is Not Guilty

No way this heroic double-amputee track star killed his model girlfriend on purpose. Seriously, who among you has not had a burglar lock th...

0%     100%

Sharks are Victims of Prejudice

Sharks kill 60 people a year worldwide. Deer on the other hand kill on average of 130 people per year just in the US - more than twice as m...

44%     56%

Ted Nugent Showed Incredible Restraint

Ted Nugent showed incredible restraint in calling President Obama a "subhuman mongrel". Let's face it. What Nugent really wanted to call Obama was a "subhuman mulatto" or m...

80%     20%

The Sultan of Brunei Will Not Budge

While LGBT groups and their supporters are putting a dent on the Sultan of Brunei's pockets through banning his hotels, they will not cause ...

0%     0%

TV is Our Primary Source of Morality.

If it weren’t for TV I’d probably be in jail by now. Little House On the Prairie taught me to respect God, my parents, my siblings, and blind people. CHiPs taught me to respect authority...

0%     100%

Ukraine should split into two countries

Half of Ukraine is pro-NATO and the other half is pro-Russian. The country should just split in two along their natural ethnic and political lines and move on before things get even worse....

100%     0%

We are Literally In Love With Our Smart Phones

From an article in the New York Times: Researchers have found that the sound of one's iPhone aroused the same response in subject's brains as the sound of their boyfriend/ girlfriend, or ...

67%     33%